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Cvv Entertainment™ is owned by Innovative Business Enterprises, LLC. The mission of Cvv Entertainment™ is to provide you with a network of content, that’s multidimensional, offering you a range of interests, from motivation, comedy, fashion, how to, cooking and a lot more. All delivered to you in an innovative way that resonates, no matter what the platform, regardless of your age or where you come from. Cvv Entertainment™ offers something for everybody. If you think

Cvv Entertainment™ is a good fit for your product, project or business venture, feel free to reach out via our contact information or within one of our platforms.


What I can bring to the table as an asset for your company, business or organization to help meet your continued goals for success is experience, innovation and a team-player spirit. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media and Web Technology with a minor in Communication Studies. If added to your portfolio, I will bring over15 years of professional experience in digital media and digital marketing. I am considered a subject matter expert in my career field. What makes me a unique addition to your team, is that I've coupled my career experience with entrepreneurship, showcasing creative elements and talents. Over the years, my passion for the creative arts led me to combine my professional experience with my love for entertainment. I’m a business owner of Innovative Business Enterprises, LLC; Cvv Entertainment™. I understand multiple facets of the industry and have worked hard on both spectrums. Feel free to view my skills and experience below along with my availability and creative highlights.


Skills and Experience

  • Acting and Entertainer

  • Digital Communication

  • Digital Creator

  • Digital Design

  • Event Host/Emcee

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing

  • Media Communication

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Project Management

  • Public Speaking

  • Social Media Specialist

  • Video Director

  • Video Editor

  • Web Design

  • Web Developer

  • Writer

Available For

  • Acting Roles

  • Commercials

  • Entertainment Emcee 

  • Guest Speaker 

  • Influencer Partnerships

  • Modeling 

  • Product Marketing

  • Project Collaborations

  • Special Appearances 

  • Webinars 

Entrepreneur Highlights

Entrepreneur Highlights

Entrepreneur Highlights
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What do You Do? | Motivation

What do You Do? | Motivation

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You Deserve Your Desires

You Deserve Your Desires

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