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Driana Vixen

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VIEW FULL RESUME | I am a versatile Actress and Model known for enhancing brand visibility through dynamic fashion modeling, acting, and strategic brand partnerships. I'm experienced with engaging global audiences, creating digital content, and fostering strategic alliances. Brings a unique blend of skills in brand ambassadorship, social media influencing, and print modeling, always ready to embody the values and style of the brand, ensuring increased credibility and loyalty in the market.


I am experienced in bringing a unique and fresh perspective that aligns with the vision of the director. I'm an energetic person with a positive can-do personality. I have a superb work ethic and I'm also adaptable, dependable, and reliable. I'm a good fit for various roles and opportunities because I can creatively transform into the style and approach that's needed.

Please visit my IMDb and Backstage profiles for complete details and projects. Feel free to contact via official profiles or send an inquiry by contacting us here.

Reignite The Flame: A Love Lost is a Love Gained is a short film drama. Michelle (played by Driana Vixen) is convinced by her best friend to move on from her past and try an online dating site. Although hesitant at first, Michelle eventually gives in and takes her friend's advice. After setting up her profile, something unexpected happens. Enjoy the suspense and buckle up for the ending. This is the first short film created and produced by Driana Vixen. 


The Short Film Drama 'Reignite the Flame' was published on June 5, 2023 (runtime 27 minutes and 44 seconds). This film was written by Driana Vixen (pen name Dri H.) and shot using a high-tech cell phone. Driana hand held the phone and used a tripod to shoot all scenes and angles. All editing was done by her through phone applications (apps). Driana's passion for her work and innovative can-do attitude proves there are no limits to a person's imagination. You may be interested in Driana's Sci-Fi Fantasy video shorts at for her upcoming book 'The Destroyer'.


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