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How To Featured Video

How to Back Up a Tank

If you’re in contact with a person who has a Tank personality, you’ll know it! They’re argumentative, angry most of the time, aggressive, and obnoxious. This is the type of person that you hate to start a conversation with or be in their company because almost everything will set them off and they will direct their anger at you. When you interact with this person your first instinct will either be to defend yourself, or shy away from the situation all together because of fear. Both instincts will fuel the Tank to become more aggressive. They love it when you are defensive and when you keep quiet.

Take a second and visualize an actual tank (vehicle). It’s large, heavy, and can run over anything in its path. Well, that sums up a Tank’s personality. So, how do you stop a Tank in its tracks? You COMMAND RESPECT! That’s the antidote to stop the behavior. When you first encounter a person, who has a Tank personality, you must command respect immediately. Don’t wait until the conversation or their actions are well into running you over. Let them know up front that you will not allow them to talk to you in a disrespectful way or treat you in a manner that lacks respect.

Remember that tank (vehicle) you visualized earlier? I want you to imagine Mount Everest dropping right in front of it. Mount Everest is you! Communicate that the Tank’s behavior is unacceptable and that you will not tolerate it. Once the Tank knows that they cannot run over you, they will back up. End of story!

- Written by Dri with Cvv Entertainment