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Opinion Editorial Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is when you send messages or indicate a response through your body’s reaction; commonly referred to as body language. The way you physically respond and react to someone or something is just as important as what you orally say. In some cases, your body language will tell the truth even if your mouth does not. For most, people communicating nonverbally is an unconscious effort. People tend to focus more on what they say rather than how they move.

Mastering the art of nonverbal communication can be advantageous. Whether you are trying to seal a business deal, be the top candidate for a job, make a new friend, score a second date, or sell a product; body language can make or break your desired outcome. Being able to understand what’s not said can help you make better decisions.

Observing nonverbal cues can help you determine if that guy who shows up on a first date truly lost his wallet on the way in, or is just looking to con you into paying for the meal. Or perhaps, your girlfriend really did leave her 200-dollar purse in the Uber yesterday and in no way is she trying to butter you up for a new purse.

These examples are nefarious in nature, but to the contrary, there are a lot of positive aspects of nonverbal communication. The key is being conscious enough to observe it in others and aware of how your own body is communicating. Take a look at Joe Navarro’s video below for more insight.

- Written by Dri with Cvv Entertainment™

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