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This acronym is not being used to represent Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, but for Special Anti-Robbery Squad. SARS is a unit within the Nigerian Police Force known for violent unlawful tactics such as kidnapping, murder, rape, torture, and other unethical and unlawful aggressions. SARS was created by the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.


The movement to end SARS is not new. In 2017 there was a call-to-action to have the SARS unit dismantled for good, but in October 2020 the desperate call-to-action has resurfaced and is swarming the Internet pleading for everyone and anyone to listen and help! Graphic inhumane video footage of SARS incidents has grappled people’s minds and hearts.


The Nigerian government vowed to disassemble the SARS unit, but Nigerians have little faith in that promise. In the past, the Nigerian government has made similar notions, but members of the SARS unit continue to reign injustices on its people.


We’ve seen similar movements like this with Rwanda, Libya, Hong Kong, Syria, and the United States. In my opinion, if enough people around the world start talking about this and begin sharing the calls-to-action on their social media feeds, blogs, v-logs, newspapers, and news networks, then the pressure will build. When the pressure begins to build, nation-states begin to listen. When nation-states begin to listen, that means that enough people are speaking in a unified voice. When unified voices are heard, you will start to see the power of the purse! In other words, funding or the lack there of (sanctions). Economically, money is what makes the world go-round and it has a tremendous impact on the world stage. Hear from #EndSARS protestors in the video below.

- Written by Dri with Cvv Entertainment™