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Blazing Blazers

A trending fashion for Fall is the cropped blazer. Get ready to show off those hot waistlines as things start to cool off this season. This hot trend is affordable!

Shop online and find cropped blazers that won't break your budget. I've seen reputable stores sell these trendy jackets for under $50.00. Many stores have awesome sales, in some cases, slashing the original price by more than half. You can absolutely have fun with this game-changer look. Be bold and go for a chic and street look by wearing a pair of ripped jeans and leather boots to set off your smooth cropped blazer. Or wear it like a boss with a pair of plaid slacks, high heel shoes, and eyeglasses to match. This fall, a cropped blazer is a must have for your wardrobe!

Disclaimer: Image is under the creative commons license. View more here.

- Written by Dri with CvvEntertainment


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